Customer Questionnaire (3rd Party Products)


    The purpose of Questionnaire is to gather relevant information from Customer to be used towards the launches of Third-Party products. For any questions, kindly reach out to your dedicated Account Manager for further information.


    Please choose the requested environment.

    Jurisdiction (Regulation)*

    .COM (Curacao or Others)Malta

    Game set

    F*Bastard Slot GamesAltente Slot GamesVivo Gaming Live DealerAbsolute Live Gaming Live Dealer7Mojos Live DealerReliga Live Dealer - Only Regulated marketsUPlatform Sportsbook

    Game set

    7Mojos Live DealerReliga Live Dealer

    Account Type

    Customer may start Configuration first with Staging account.

    Once Staging is being launched and tested working on your end, please fill the Questionnaire again for the Production account.

    Kindly note that no additional Integration needed if Tom Horn API had been integrated and tested.

    Account type*


    The section is intended for gathering all relevant information about our Customer and their preferences regarding the Integration Casino platform.

    Name of Platform/Aggregator/Brand/Company*

    Entity Name of Casino/Operator*

    Please specify the name of Entity which owns/shelters the operation.

    Name of Casino/Operator*

    Planned Go-live Date*

    Please specify when Tom Horn Gaming Games are planned to Go-live on specified Casino.

    If no specific date available, please select 1st as Beginning of the month; 15th as mid of the month; 28th as end of the month.

    Casino URL*

    Site of Staging(Dev environment) or Production(Live environment). In case you have more Casinos, please deliver individual Questionnaires accordingly.

    User name (login)*


    Specified credentials are ONLY for testing purposes.

    Please always put VALID credentials. Invalid credentials will cause delayed processes of your request.

    Name of Requestor*

    Email address of Requestor*

    SkypeID of Requestor*

    Staging: Contact of Developer, Project Manager, or person in charge of Integration.

    Production: Contact of Support Team

    Due to security concerns, All Configuration details will be encrypted and the access is ONLY available to Requestor.

    Wallet Type

    From the drop-down list below, please select the type of wallet of your preference for the integration. For detailed information on Wallet Types, please consult the Wallet chapter in the Integration Casino Integration Guide.

    Wallet type*


    Integration type*

    SOAP SeamlessREST JSON Seamless

    Do you want to use ZERO DEPOSIT feature? By default, the system is calling Deposits (win) only in case of non zero win. If Zero Deposit feature is enabled, then the system is calling Deposit even for non winning game with amount 0.

    Zero Deposit (WIN with 0 amount)*


    Do you want to use ZERO WITHDRAWAL feature? By default, the system is calling Withdrawals (bet) only in case of non zero bet. If Zero Withdrawal feature is enabled, then the system is calling Withdrawal even for the games with the bet 0. For example in Free Game Bonus.

    Zero Withdrawal (BET with 0 amount)*


    Technical Information

    In this section, we intend to obtain relevant technical information about the Customer system (if necessary).

    The IP address can be specified as:
    Single address -
    Address block -
    Subnet mask -

    IP Address*

    Specify the outbound IP address(es) of the Customer servers in the field below. Multiple entries must be separated with ',' COMMA

    Wallet Service URL*

    Specify the URL of the Wallet Service instance

    Unique skin ID (Optional)

    I want to specify my own Skin ID on my wallet service

    Skin ID (ID on wallet service)*

    Skin ID is an arbitrary string to identify the integration in Customer system, such as "myWalletName" or "3edc5ac6-33be-443e-a97c-16801ea08cbc"