Aggregation Platform Questionnaire (inAPI)


    The purpose of this Questionnaire is to gather relevant information from Provider. Please refer to InAPI LINK.


    Choose the requested environment.


    .COM (Curacao)Malta

    Game Provider

    This section is intended for gathering all relevant information about game provider and the games.

    Name of Provider (Branded name and well-known publicly)*

    Website URL*

    URL of access to Marketing Assets

    Kindly provide URL of Marketing Assets where we could find all assets of games.

    User name*

    User name and password to access with any related topics, such as marketing assets.



    Contact information of the Development team.



    Technical Information

    In this section, we intend to obtain relevant technical information about the Customer system (if necessary).


    We will provide Sandbox environment based on this URL.

    IP Address*

    Specify the outbound IP address(es) of the Customer servers in the field below. Multiple addresses MUST be separated with comma ","

    The IP address can be specified as:
    Single address -
    Address block -
    Subnet mask -


    Note that this is specific parameter to define the sources of connections and traffic. This MUST be specified and implemented during InAPI integration.

    We recommend unified format, such as {Abbreviation of 2 alphabets of your name as Provider}-STG-TESTING


    You may define passkey at least 16-character with ONLY numbers and alphabets.


    Please provide GameName, GameKey, and other relevant information per Game in Excel file.